Who is Medinok

  • Medinok S.p.a. was born in 1991 thanks to Ericsson Telecommunications, which has owned it until 1995. Nowadays it counts 145 employees and 48 technical consultants and it has reached a turnover of 20 M € in 2016.
  • Starting from 2010, the firm widens the range of the offered services, extending the activities within Facilities & Maintenance.
  • After 26 years from its foundation, Medinok  can boast, on the whole national territory, a continuous and strong development in in the sector of Telecommunications, Security, Multi-service Maintenance and Facilities. 


Medinok pays specific attention to the supply of the Services and to the provided Solutions. Medinok is a dynamic structure, with a Planning technical that can boast skilled engineers and planners. Medinok has a sound experience in several sectors: Telecommunication Systems, Electronics, Informatics (HW development), Remote Control System, Vehicles Tracking & Monitoring and Finance.



In addition to offering to its clients a more and more complete and satisfying opportunity of services, MEDINOK S.p.a. pursues a policy of technological improvement and high-quality services, extending its industrial plant capacity in the market sector.


Medinok optimizes the production process, involves the staff in the applications of quality, and develops the organizational processes for the client’s satisfaction. The result is that Medinok provides high-quality services and solutions, in compliance with the most recent laws and regulations concerned.