Research and Development

Research and Development

For more than 15 years, R&D collaborates with several campania and national university research centers for co-operating in research projects at national and European level and the involvement of graduates from the University of Campania and Puglia.


Network, WPAN, WBAN & InterNetworking:

  • Knots and smart sensor, WSN full-auto-routing & self-reconfiguring mesh networks;
  • Sub-systems and cards for the Energy Harvesting of each of the nodes of the WSN;
  • WSN / WLAN / GPRS / UMTS integrated subsystems for mobile and remote WSN;
  • Integration into the mobile WSNs of multiple workplace safety systems in the receiving areas;
  • Research and Development of Wearable WSN (WBAN) Subsystems.


  • Interconnections / signal and power interfaces (copper & optic; ground and flight platforms);
  • HW and FW subsystems, boards and platforms (FPGA / digital / analog);
  • Prototype boards and assemblies for technology demonstrators on multilayer boards (16) and rigid-flexible capton / polyamide circuits;
  • Assembly in PIH or SMD;
  • Interconnections / Interfaces of the Earth Station's decision platform (C2);
  • Implementing MicroTCA system for WiGig(SC) full duplex realizations;
  • Designing, Developing, and Developing Multi-Fpga Cards for the Board Sensor Computer (CSB).


  • HW and FW subsystems, boards and platforms for the integrated Advanced Logistics platform;
  • Production, Production and Testing of Cards and Prototype Assemblies for Technological Demonstrators;
  • Management and Realization Tracking&Tracing of Intelligent Logistics and Decision-Making Platforms;
  • Creation, Design and Development of Value Added Services (VAS) in the Logistics Platform;
  • Designing, Developing, and Developing Board Edge Board Motion Media.

Member of the DAC (Aerospace District of Campania) and DATTILO (High Technology Transport and Logistics District).